One of the most important things you’ll find with being a motorcyclist is looking cool. A lot of this isn’t just the bike – it’s actually the gear you decide to wear. So, let’s bring the focus in on jackets.

There are two main options for you to think about: leather and textile.

Leather is the traditional choice. It was made famous by icons like Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, and James Dean – synonymous with being cool and having attitude. Rebellion left its heady scent all over the leather jacket. In the modern day, this is still somewhat the case and I’ll be honest with you, leather makes literally anyone look badass. But now there are practical applications as well as looking like you can ride off into the sunset in a blaze of smoke and tyres.

Leather is more resilient to damage – meaning you’ll look weathered and scuffed if you come off, which can help your bruised ego as trust me, it will be bruised, and there is no cool way to fall off your bike. It also hurts, and leather can make it hurt a little bit less. Ever watched MotoGP? There’s a reason folks like Marquez, Viñales and Quartararo are all suited up head to toe in leather.

It moves well with the body once it’s broken in – a lot of leather jackets are made from cowhide, which can be quite stiff (like the Alpinestars jackets we have on the shelf). This might make them a little uncomfortable to begin with, but in the right size and once they’ve got a few rides under their belt, they start to feel like a second skin. Most of these sports cut jackets (there’s some proper motorcycle lingo for you) also feature stretch panels in the arms and chest area to help with movement when you’re full-tuck, living the dream going 80kmph on the highway.

Let us move on to textile jackets.

Textile means versatility. It means comfort. It means a jacket that can do it all. No, not quite all… but pretty close. These are also known as 3-season or year-round jackets, meaning exactly what it says. Frequently, these jackets will come with removable internal layers, most commonly a waterproof and/or a thermal layer. The jacket skin itself will usually have various zip-closure ports that are designed to be open for airflow, closed for cold weather. All of them will feature elbow and shoulder armour, however if a back protector is important to you (which it absolutely should be), you’ll need to purchase a good one separately.

These are a great option if leather doesn’t appeal to you but still want protection and that cool vibe, because let’s be serious for a minute here – you’re a motorcyclist now. No matter a leather jacket or a textile jacket, you’re cool. You’ve joined the elite. You’re one of us.

Motorcycle gear is its own style of fashion – a lot of textile jackets are now being made to look like street gear, so you can ride a bike without looking like you ride a bike, but you know you ride a bike… you know? Check out our Macna range for a great example of this “bike gear that doesn’t look like bike gear” – it’s bloody comfy, incredibly safe and made by riders, for riders.

We always recommend getting a fitting for your jacket, shapes and sizes differ, and you can check which features are the best for you individually. 

Why not call in and let us help you work it all out? we’ll give you the best advice and you’ll end up looking extra cool to boot!

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